Reading Tarot on a Rainy Night

There are so many wonderful things to do on a stormy evening to include reading tarot cards. It may seem slightly odd, but the rain pattering against the window can actually set a beautiful mood.

Imagine that the water flowing from the heavens is actually washing the negativity and distractions from your mind. It will then begin to open you up for receiving messages delivered by each individual card. Keep reading »

Daily Tarot Renewed

When I made the announcement that Daily Tarot would be making a comeback, obviously my realistic time line was off by more than a few months. However, the announcement wasn’t entirely inaccurate. Keep reading »

Daily Tarot Making A Comeback

This have been pretty silent around here for the past few months, but all of that’s about to change.

Daily Tarot will be making a full-time comeback beginning this October. Though I may publish some scattered entry from now until then.

The new start of Daily Tarot will contain a lot more information to help you read the tarot cards, interpret the tarot cards, and also, more of my own tarot journal entries. You may even be able to spot a new design and a free surprise for all you bloggers out there.
Please bear with me as I get things situated around here.

Consulting The Cards For Business

I am starting up a new business venture and had a startle the other day which caused me to question the viability of it. It was definitely in a dark place that I had found myself.

But something, almost like an ‘ah ha’ moment came to me and reminded me that I should consult the tarot.

I hadn’t consulted the tarot while I was preparing and mapping out this business venture, so now was as good a time as any. It would provide me with some insight on the direction of the business and open my eyes, so to speak, on some pitfalls or obstacles I would likely face. Keep reading »

Drawing On The Wisdom of The Love Cards

I was prompted yesterday to use the love cards for a couple (well, a friend who recently entered a new relationship).

I have to admit I was glad to do it because I was curious myself to see where the relationship was heading since he was hesitant of the relationship. Keep reading »

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