Daily Tarot Making A Comeback

This have been pretty silent around here for the past few months, but all of that’s about to change. Daily Tarot will be making a full-time comeback beginning this October. Though I may publish some scattered entry from now until then. The new start of Daily Tarot will contain a lot more information to help [...]

Consulting The Cards For Business

I am starting up a new business venture and had a startle the other day which caused me to question the viability of it. It was definitely in a dark place that I had found myself. But something, almost like an ‘ah ha’ moment came to me and reminded me that I should consult the [...]

In Love With The Love Spell Cards

While nursing a broken heart a few years ago, I found myself alone on Valentine’s day wandering through a Target store looking for something to take my mind off my immediate situation. As if it were destiny knocking on my door I saw the Love Spell Cards by Gillian Kemp randomly sitting on a shelf. [...]

Pondering The Tarot

It’s been a long while since I’ve published to the Daily Tarot Journal, but that’s not without reason. I’ve been pondering the direction of the tarot for a while now (the past few months) and I’ve come up with too many great ideas. I am having such a hard time deciding which one of them [...]

The Power of Tarot

Over the past week, I’ve started reviewing the daily tarot cards once again and this is a reflective entry on their results.

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