Consulting The Cards For Business

I am starting up a new business venture and had a startle the other day which caused me to question the viability of it. It was definitely in a dark place that I had found myself. But something, almost like an ‘ah ha’ moment came to me and reminded me that I should consult the [...]

Nigel Jackson Tarot: The Hermit

I know I’ve been out of the swing of things for a few days, but I certainly haven’t forgotten about my daily tarot card (even if I wasn’t able to update my blog) and since things are a little bit more under control around here, I’m going to start back up with the daily tarot [...]

Nigel Jackson Tarot: Queen of Swords

Yesterday was a very relaxing day for me :). I actually went on a day trip so was not home to do my daily tarot card on the blog, but suffice it to say that it was a much needed getaway from my previously busy week. And from the looks of today’s card, I’m in [...]

Nigel Jackson Tarot: The Tower

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I will be publishing the tarot card which I selected for my day, the interpretations, and a summary all in one post today instead of the usual two. I will try to resume my regular posting schedule tomorrow. Daily Tarot Deck: Nigel Jackson Tarot Daily Tarot Card: The [...]

Looking Back at Nigel Jackson Tarot: Queen of Staves

What a great day! It’s time for the update and I saw the Queen of Staves many times throughout the day. This is, of course, the update to Nigel Jackson Tarot: Queen of Staves, with an interpretation of: This card gives me the feeling of reassurance. Whatever ideas that I turn into new projects or [...]

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