Tarotscopes Now Open

The first entry has been added to the Daily Tarotscope section. Feel free to head over there and read your tarotscope and offer some feedback. Also, you can sign up to receive notification emails when the tarotscopes has been updated – but make sure you sign up from the Daily Tarotscope section. If you wish [...]

How To Read Tarot Cards: Second Rule of Thumb

In the first installment of the How to Read Tarot Cards collection, I briefly covered the first rule of thumb which was to become one with your tarot cards. If you haven’t already read through it, it couldn’t hurt. The second rule of thumb to reading tarot cards is developing the proper way of asking [...]

Introducing Daily Tarotscopes

I know you’re probably asking “what is a tarotscope?” I’ve decided to start providing daily horoscopes based on the tarot and your astrological signs. Each day, I will draw a card for each sign of the zodiac with a brief explanation of the card’s meaning and what to expect for the day. I won’t need [...]

More Changes To Daily Tarot

The site went down for a few minutes while it was upgraded to WordPress 1.5 and some new features have been installed and I apologize for any inconvenience. In a few moments, you may notice a subscribe box so you’ll be able to receive Daily Tarot updates straight to your inbox. In addition to the [...]

How To Read Tarot Cards: First Rule Of Thumb

The first thing I like to impart on anyone who expresses an interest in learning how to read tarot is to become one with the cards. I know that sounds like a really bad zen joke, but it’s not. The epitome of tarot is to allow the energy that surrounds you and your situation to [...]

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