Introducing Daily Tarotscopes

I know you’re probably asking “what is a tarotscope?”

I’ve decided to start providing daily horoscopes based on the tarot and your astrological signs. Each day, I will draw a card for each sign of the zodiac with a brief explanation of the card’s meaning and what to expect for the day.

I won’t need to tell you that not every person will have the exact same experiences in their lives, but it’s a good way to gauge any lessons to be learned and the tarot could possibly help to shed some light – if you pay attention.

You can expect the first tarotscope to appear in the Daily Tarotscopes section of Daily Tarot beginning this Saturday morning.

I’d love to hear what you think about the idea and if you have any suggestions – don’t be shy, leave a comment or use the contact form.

2 Comments on Introducing Daily Tarotscopes

  1. Daniel Barkowitz Says:

    I’ve started an ongoing Tarot group at MIT which meets twice a month to review a card and begin to understand the card on a much more personal level. The group is open to anyone in the Cambridge area. We are also hosting a listserv at tarot(at)mit(dot)edu to receive information on upcoming meeting times and locations. We’ve had our first two sessions, reviewing The Fool and The Magician. Great insights and I feel like I have a much better connection to and understanding of the cards…

  2. Tarot Princess Says:

    Hey Daniel,
    That sounds exciting! Too bad I’m not located in the Cambridge area, but it’s wonderful to hear that a school such as MIT would allow such an open-minded and interesting subject.

    I wish I could join in! Hopefully some of my other readers will be able to. What tarot decks are you using for the group, if you’re using anything other than Rider-Waite?

    I hope to start reviewing the tarot card meanings on this blog here soon, but I want to get out “my rules of thumb” for reading the tarot first :)

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