Cleansing The Tarot Deck With Quartz

You can cleanse tarot cards a number of ways, and in this entry I discuss how to cleanse the card using Quartz crystals

How To Read Tarot Cards: Interpretation of the Cards

I mentioned in “How To Read Tarot Cards: Setting Up Your Tarot Notebook” that we’ll be breaking up the card meanings up into 4 sections: Initial Feelings and Impressions, Artistic Impressions, Personal Meaning, Meaning as given by the book. Before you actually begin setting up your card meanings, you will need to clear your mind. [...]

How To Read Tarot Cards: Setting Up Your Tarot Notebook

In the first three installments of the tarot how to series (one, two, three) we went over the basic rules of thumbs when learning to read tarot for the first time. Each individual is different and therefore the tarot will be unique and individual to them as well. If you haven’t already read the first [...]

How To Read Tarot Cards: Getting Started

I’ve already written the first and second rules of thumb concerning how to read tarot, so it may be a good idea to read them over if you already haven’t. When I set out to learn the tarot, I didn’t have the guidance or instruction of anyone else. I only had a brand new deck [...]

How To Read Tarot Cards: Second Rule of Thumb

In the first installment of the How to Read Tarot Cards collection, I briefly covered the first rule of thumb which was to become one with your tarot cards. If you haven’t already read through it, it couldn’t hurt. The second rule of thumb to reading tarot cards is developing the proper way of asking [...]

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