How To Read Tarot Cards: Setting Up Your Tarot Notebook

In the first three installments of the tarot how to series (one, two, three) we went over the basic rules of thumbs when learning to read tarot for the first time. Each individual is different and therefore the tarot will be unique and individual to them as well. If you haven’t already read the first in the series, take a moment to do so, they are very short and quick reads.

Moving along, now we can cover finding the meanings in the individual cards for oneself. As I mentioned in the last installment (Getting Started), it’s a good idea to have a tarot notebook handy for each of the tarot decks. The layout I use for my own tarot notebooks is — on the very first page I list the name of the tarot deck and on top of the individual pages, list the name of the tarot card along with its number. Then I break the interpretations up into 4 different categories: Initial Feelings and Impressions, Artistic Impressions, Personal Meaning, Meaning as given by the book. It’s also a good idea to leave about 3 pages for each card for notes (more or less depending on your own feelings).

Once you have your tarot notebook set up, you’ll be ready to start interpreting each of the tarot cards in your deck. For the continuation of the Tarot How To series, I will be using my favorite deck as an example: The Nigel Jackson Tarot.

So I will see you in the next installment of the Tarot How To series!

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