How To Read Tarot Cards: Getting Started

I’ve already written the first and second rules of thumb concerning how to read tarot, so it may be a good idea to read them over if you already haven’t.

When I set out to learn the tarot, I didn’t have the guidance or instruction of anyone else. I only had a brand new deck of cards (which happened to be the mystic tarot) and the book that came with it.

I opened the book and looked at the cards. I thought they were gorgeous and just simplistic enough to suit my tastes, but I had problems with the interpretations offered in the book. They didn’t seem to coincide with what I saw in the cards.

That was the first issue. This would be a good time for you to invest in a tarot notebook because this is where you’ll record your own tarot card meanings. I would recommend keeping one tarot deck notebook for each deck that you have (or use dividers).

Once you have your tarot notebook, go ahead and set the book that comes with your tarot deck (if any) aside. It’s time to start looking at the tarot cards and finding the meanings for yourself – yes, with each card. Each card in each deck has it’s own meaning, so each of them deserves special attention.

No one said learning the tarot would be an overnight or easy process :) – but no one said it had to be painful or boring either. Next, we’ll cover card interpretations and actually finding the meaning of each of the cards for yourself.

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