Cleansing The Tarot Deck With Quartz

Quartz is a highly versatile stone with many uses, and one of my favorite uses quartz is cleansing my tarot cards.

Quartz not only cleanses tarot decks, it can also cleanse your area and depending the size, it can clear an entire room. When used in unison with other crystals, it can help to amplify any beneficial energy or ambiance you are seeking for your readings or personal space.

To actually cleanse your deck, it really doesn’t take that much energy, however, it does take time. Only proceed to use this method if you have at least 24 hours to allow your cards to properly release any energy it may be holding.

Make sure to use a quartz crystal that has not been used recently for an energy clearing and make sure that it will be large enough to absorb all the energy from your tarot deck. Usually a 3 inch quartz crystal would be enough to work with.

For this method, you will also be using the storage container for your cards. I prefer to use a natural fibre cloth that is large enough to wrap the entire deck. Place the deck of cards in the container as you normally would — as though you’re putting your cards away — and set the quartz crystal on the top of the deck.

Finish wrapping the deck if you are using cloth and set the deck in a dark solitary area. It is a good idea to remove as much influential energy as possible, so the fewer items in the deck’s immediate vicinity, the better.

Let the deck sit for at least 24 hours, however, you may need to let it sit for up to 72 hours depending on how much energy is contained within the deck. You will be able to tell when your deck is cleansed by feeling the container or wrap your cards are in.

Close your eyes and use your intuition, it will tell you whether the energy is fully cleared from the deck or whether they need to stay longer.

Once you’ve finished the clearing, remove the quartz crystal and set the stone outside (preferably under moonlight) overnight to allow the quartz to disperse the energy it just collected. Once your quartz is cleared, you can reuse it again to clear your deck or your room.

One Comment on Cleansing The Tarot Deck With Quartz

  1. *~aFt3r$h0cK~* Says:

    Thank you :D This is a big help for meee ^^ I have been looking for ways to cleanse my cards until i could get my hands on sage, and this has been the most help :) Big ball of grattitute!!! ^-^

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