How To Read Tarot Cards: First Rule Of Thumb

The first thing I like to impart on anyone who expresses an interest in learning how to read tarot is to become one with the cards. I know that sounds like a really bad zen joke, but it’s not.

The epitome of tarot is to allow the energy that surrounds you and your situation to direct the cards in order to provide insight to help guide your way. If you’re not connected with your cards, how can the cards actually guide you?

Notice that I did not say querent or questioner. You are the one that needs to develop a connection with your cards, even when you’re reading for someone else, because the cards are guiding you to help this person. Because of this, the cards and their meanings must first make sense to you – not your querent or questioner.

I know some people may disagree with me and say, you can just go ahead and pick up a deck of cards, lay them out and read what each of the cards mean from the instruction book that comes with it – and that may very well be. However, if you can’t weave the story out of the cards as they fall – that’s an incomplete message and will be very confusing when applied to your own life.

Think of your life as a story for a moment. At some point, you seem to have skipped over a sentence or you’re unsure of which direction the story is going. You decide you want to turn to the tarot for help. The tarot, in essence, could provide that missing sentence for you and you can think of the individual cards as words. However, when you lay the cards down, these words appear to be in a foreign tongue.

It does you no good if you have the sentence laid out in front of you and cannot even read it. You need to understand what each of the words mean first, but here’s the catch – you are your own translator. While you can find general meanings of the cards to help guide you in the translation, it ultimately depends on what the card says to you.

Again, this is my own personal belief when it comes to tarot and something that I’ve found to help the starting tarot practitioner. When you go tarot shopping, look at the different decks and don’t make a decision right away if nothing feels right to you. You’ll know it’s the right tarot deck for you because you’ll feel a connection with it – be it the images or the context or the theme. Go with your gut.

Some others believe you need to be given a tarot deck as a gift , I personally don’t, but it’s a good idea to go with whichever method feels natural to you. If you’d prefer to receive a deck as a gift - let someone know and when you’re ready, it will come to you.

4 Comments on How To Read Tarot Cards: First Rule Of Thumb

  1. Veronica Says:

    That was a very insightful article. Thank you for posting it to your site and I can’t wait to see what else you have in store!

    P.S. I like the new design :)

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