Nigel Jackson Tarot: The Tower

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I will be publishing the tarot card which I selected for my day, the interpretations, and a summary all in one post today instead of the usual two. I will try to resume my regular posting schedule tomorrow.

Daily Tarot Deck: Nigel Jackson Tarot
Daily Tarot Card: The Tower (XVI)

My personal interpretation:
I was actually quite surprised to draw this card today because it’s such a significant card. I also need to mention that I get a little nervous each time this card comes up for me in a reading. I know there is truly nothing to fear in this card, but we as humans have a natural fear of change, and this card indicated major changes – and they may not be all that pleasant initially. Necessary, yes, pleasant, not generally.

Nigel Jackson’s illustration of the tower card varies from some of the standard Waite Rider cards in that the tower is actually still standing and only the very top of the tower seems to be receiving the brunt of the damage and there aren’t people jumping from the windows higher up to escape the trauma. This tells me that yes, there will be some upheaval, yes, it will be somewhat *scary*, but it will not be unbearable.

The absence of people period also signify that today could be quite a lonely day for me. This period of change would also need to be one which I journeyed through on my own. The bright side is, once I come through this, it will be for the positive.

The book’s interpretation:
A “bolt from the blue”; sudden catastrophic event levelling false pride and self-delusion, bringing illumination; unforeseen calamity; shattering of egocentricity to enable renewal and liberation.

Looking Back on Nigel Jackson: The Tower
Today was not very eventful. To be honest, it was mostly a day of reflection. I slept in later than I normally do and I actually felt quite tired (I think the previous week caught up to me). I felt lethargic and not quite able to do much of anything and I realized it was time for a change.

I needed to revamp my attitude and rework my schedule to help avoid future burn out such as I felt today. And true to form, today was a lonely day for me as I didn’t speak with any clients, family, or friends. It was certainly a psychological “Tower” that came crashing down, but on the bright side, I have a renewed vision of my life direction, goals, and road map for getting there. Something I never really took the time to look over this year – I simply jumped in head first. I was forced to look at some of my old relationships that were no longer working for me and make the decision to make room for new and healthy relationships, clients, and business. Difficult as it was, it was certainly for the best.

I am very glad and relieved that the change wasn’t much worse (as it could have been).

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