Consulting The Cards For Business

I am starting up a new business venture and had a startle the other day which caused me to question the viability of it. It was definitely in a dark place that I had found myself.

But something, almost like an ‘ah ha’ moment came to me and reminded me that I should consult the tarot.

I hadn’t consulted the tarot while I was preparing and mapping out this business venture, so now was as good a time as any. It would provide me with some insight on the direction of the business and open my eyes, so to speak, on some pitfalls or obstacles I would likely face.

After drawing three cards for a quick reading, I was very surprised at the outcome.

Using Nigel Jackson’s Tarot deck (I love the artwork), I discovered that my fears were unfounded and I truly had nothing to worry about.

The King of Staves: This card indicated to me that I would encountered a good hearted person who would most likely contribute to the success of my business venture. This figure would most likely be an older male and would have a fair, yet sensitive nature about him.

The next card was the Page of Staves, a card I find to be very promising. While it doesn’t indicate large financial tidings, it did tell me that I could expect much good news and a lot of positive contacts from this business.

The final card was the Two of Swords – certainly an unexpected card, but I understand why it came up in the reading. I feared a competitor and this card indicated that the competitor would end up benefiting me as I would them. A mutually beneficial relationship so to speak, so I didn’t need to worry about it.

I do intend to move forward with my business venture and I will continue to consult the cards at certain points in the road for clarity.

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