Looking Back at Nigel Jackson Tarot: Queen of Staves

What a great day! It’s time for the update and I saw the Queen of Staves many times throughout the day. This is, of course, the update to Nigel Jackson Tarot: Queen of Staves, with an interpretation of:

This card gives me the feeling of reassurance. Whatever ideas that I turn into new projects or new clients will definitely have a favorable effect/impact on my life today. The fact that it is a court card signifies that there may be an outside influence (possibly female) which also helps provide me with much needed reassurance and guidance.

The personal projects that I am working on took flight today. It was all unexpected and quite exciting. My new client raved about my service and attitude. The gold in her gown and the arrow pointing up definitely made itself aware when I opened my inbox to find a new client waiting for me. While it means more work, it’s also more work later because this new client understands that my schedule is pretty tight, but he is still willing to wait and even help out if he can :).

I also found that other people shared their ideas and motivations openly with me and one of my previous clients basically gave me a major confidence boost (and that client happens to be a female). We got into a personal email conversation in which she shared some of her motivations and she encouraged me to move ahead with my own ideas. She definitely gave me the reassurance and guidance that I needed.

To be utterly honest with you, I certainly didn’t expect the card to play out this prominently in my day – but I guess that’s why it came up as the daily tarot card. When I look back over this day, I see that while I did not realize all of my goals, I definitely made the right steps towards them. Steps in the right direction.

Thank you all who are journeying with me through this wonderful world of tarot and I look forward to your comments and insights as well.

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