In Love With The Love Spell Cards

While nursing a broken heart a few years ago, I found myself alone on Valentine’s day wandering through a Target store looking for something to take my mind off my immediate situation.

As if it were destiny knocking on my door I saw the Love Spell Cards by Gillian Kemp randomly sitting on a shelf. It appeared to be the last one left. I actually walked through the various aisles to see where they had come from and not a single copy could be found. So, with the last remaining set in hand, I made my way through the check out and went home.

The first thing I noticed about the cards after tearing through the packaging was the artwork on them. It uses a number of various collages rife with deep meanings if one is willing to look for them. I’m not sure if Gillian and Jacqueline Mair (who did the illustration) deliberately put the extra thought into the artwork, but I definitely found it to be a pleasant surprise.

Further inspection of the cards told me they weren’t “traditional” reading cards. The card stock used was a lot lighter than normal reading card stock, the cards are a little larger than the standard tarot card deck, and there are only 30 cards in the set.

Some readers may be put off by the above, but I wasn’t. I appreciated the lighter card stock and larger size because it made the deck easier for me to manage. And with only 30 cards in the deck, it was much easier for me to go through each of them and get a feel for their meanings.

After reading through the included booklet, I knew that this was definitely a deck of cards to have fun with, but upon actually using the cards for a couple of readings, I found them to be rather accurate.

As a matter of fact, I was so smitten with the cards and the overall feel of them that I decided to purchase her Good Spell Book and Good Witch Bad Witch box set. I was not as smitten with the latter, however, I’ll leave that for another day.

The Love Spell Cards would be a great beginner deck for those who want to explore non-traditional card reading methods and practice their emotional readings. I plan to do an in depth review of the cards as well as publish my notebook in the coming months.

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