Is It Better To Have Someone Else Give You A Tarot Reading?

Question: Is it better to have someone else give you a tarot reading or do it yourself?

Answer: Sometimes we are just too close to a particular situation to do an objective tarot reading for ourselves. In these cases where you feel you cannot be objective I would suggest having someone you trust give you the tarot reading. Keep reading »

Do You Have To Cleanse Your Tarot Cards On A Regular Basis?

Question: Do you have to cleanse your tarot cards on a regular basis?

Answer: It depends on who is using the card and the purpose for which you’re using your tarot cards. Tarot cards can be used for more than just doing simple readings. Tarot cards are used in magickal rituals, to give readings for friends (or even enemies), and for personal readings. Keep reading »

When Is The Best Time To Read Tarot Cards?

Question: When is the best time to read tarot cards?

Answer: When your intuition is at its best and you can focus quietly on your reading. The time of day or night doesn’t matter nearly as much as your clarity of mind. Keep reading »

Daily Tarot Changes & Newsletter

You may have noticed that Daily Tarot looks different, hope you like it. But there are also some other changes that have taken place at Daily Tarot in order to make it a better blog all around.

A tarot newsletter has been adopted – it will be a monthly mailing and it will highlight interesting Daily Tarot entries, reviews, tips, upcoming events, contests, and other wonderful goodies. Keep reading »

More Changes At Daily Tarot

In an on-going effort to continually make Daily Tarot a better, more comfortable place, I’ve redesigned the site. I prefer this design because I think it’s a lot more organized and more cohesive than it was previously. (I also really like purple).

I’ve also upgraded WordPress so you may notice some weird quirks for the next couple of days and as everything begins to settle into place, I will be adding more design tweaks. I apologize ahead of time for any downtime or delays you may experience.

If you have any feedback at all – I’d love to hear it :)

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