Do You Have To Cleanse Your Tarot Cards On A Regular Basis?

Question: Do you have to cleanse your tarot cards on a regular basis?

Answer: It depends on who is using the card and the purpose for which you’re using your tarot cards. Tarot cards can be used for more than just doing simple readings. Tarot cards are used in magickal rituals, to give readings for friends (or even enemies), and for personal readings.

I find that if you are using your deck exclusively for your own personal readings then you may not want to cleanse them unless you start to feel negative about them. You allow your cards to soak up your energy in a sense and over time you will find that the cards start to cleave to you.

The moment you start to get a “negative vibe” from your cards means that it may have picked up some stray energy that is interfering with your own.

If you use the deck for professional readings or for readings on others, it would be a good idea to cleanse the deck after each reading so that the energy does not interfere with the new reading (which has been known to happen).
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