Is It Better To Have Someone Else Give You A Tarot Reading?

Question: Is it better to have someone else give you a tarot reading or do it yourself?

Answer: Sometimes we are just too close to a particular situation to do an objective tarot reading for ourselves. In these cases where you feel you cannot be objective I would suggest having someone you trust give you the tarot reading.

A strong indication that you are unable to be objective when giving yourself a tarot reading is if you feel overly emotional or you are unable to quell your emotions. If you lay the cards and it’s not the answer you were expecting or hoping for, then you immediately give yourself another reading. By doing this, you are only clouding your own energy and adding more confusion to an already confusing situation.
I receive a number of tarot related questions, so I have decided to dedicate a section of Daily Tarot to answer them. If you have a tarot related question, please do not hesitate to ask.

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