Daily Tarot Renewed

When I made the announcement that Daily Tarot would be making a comeback, obviously my realistic time line was off by more than a few months. However, the announcement wasn’t entirely inaccurate.

I just came here to revive the site only to discover that all of my links weren’t working, some pages were missing altogether, and the entire site was in disarray. Needless to say, I was more than a little distraught, but I didn’t stay that way for long.

Daily Tarot was a great resource that I enjoy greatly, and I hope to build it back up to that great resource and well beyond. A new design is already online, the software has been upgraded, the links and pages have been fixed (well, some pages still need to be updated, but it’s coming along), and soon, the postings will begin again.

Once everything has settled down a little bit on the back end, I will be actively looking for other Daily Tarot participants and begin accepting questions for the Tarot Questions Answered section of the site (hard to believe it’s been so long since I answered a question there).

And as a nice little surprise, since I’ve received more than a few compliments on it, I will probably have the last design that was here polished up and offered as a free download.

This is certainly an exciting time! Subscribe to the feed and prepare yourself!

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