Daily Tarot Renewed

When I made the announcement that Daily Tarot would be making a comeback, obviously my realistic time line was off by more than a few months. However, the announcement wasn’t entirely inaccurate. Keep reading »

Daily Tarot Making A Comeback

This have been pretty silent around here for the past few months, but all of that’s about to change.

Daily Tarot will be making a full-time comeback beginning this October. Though I may publish some scattered entry from now until then.

The new start of Daily Tarot will contain a lot more information to help you read the tarot cards, interpret the tarot cards, and also, more of my own tarot journal entries. You may even be able to spot a new design and a free surprise for all you bloggers out there.
Please bear with me as I get things situated around here.

Pondering The Tarot

It’s been a long while since I’ve published to the Daily Tarot Journal, but that’s not without reason.

I’ve been pondering the direction of the tarot for a while now (the past few months) and I’ve come up with too many great ideas. I am having such a hard time deciding which one of them I want to run with, so I’ve turned to the tarot cards. Keep reading »

The Power of Tarot

A couple months ago I postponed doing a daily tarot card for myself each day so I could focus on providing content and tutorials for you, however, last week I decided to start drawing a daily tarot card for myself.

I didn’t report it to the daily tarot blog, however, I made sure to make notes so I could track results and would have a reference for any advice/wisdom I could gain from the cards I drew.

Over the last week, each of the tarot cards I’ve drawn has shown their meanings to me at some point throughout the day and it has been invaluable. I believe this week has been a week of clarity to the 10th degree for me and it has allowed me to open up to receiving the meanings of the cards as they would apply to my daily life.

This is what I spend a lot of time here explaining – tarot truly depends on the person seeking an answer from the cards and how open their are to receive the message.

Daily Tarot Changes & Newsletter

You may have noticed that Daily Tarot looks different, hope you like it. But there are also some other changes that have taken place at Daily Tarot in order to make it a better blog all around.

A tarot newsletter has been adopted – it will be a monthly mailing and it will highlight interesting Daily Tarot entries, reviews, tips, upcoming events, contests, and other wonderful goodies. Keep reading »

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