Daily Tarot Renewed

When I made the announcement that Daily Tarot would be making a comeback, obviously my realistic time line was off by more than a few months. However, the announcement wasn’t entirely inaccurate. Keep reading »

In Love With The Love Spell Cards

While nursing a broken heart a few years ago, I found myself alone on Valentine’s day wandering through a Target store looking for something to take my mind off my immediate situation.

As if it were destiny knocking on my door I saw the Love Spell Cards by Gillian Kemp randomly sitting on a shelf. It appeared to be the last one left. I actually walked through the various aisles to see where they had come from and not a single copy could be found. So, with the last remaining set in hand, I made my way through the check out and went home. Keep reading »

How Long Does It Take To Learn Tarot?

Question: How long does it take to learn the tarot?

Answer: This depends on the individual. I’ve seen readers take to the tarot immediately and others will take a few years to get in sync with the tarot.

As I’ve mentioned some times before, the tarot is a tool and if you don’t clearly understand what is being told to you through the individual cards, your message will be clouded and it will seem like “the cards aren’t working” when in fact, they are. Keep reading »

How To Read Tarot Cards: Second Rule of Thumb

In the first installment of the How to Read Tarot Cards collection, I briefly covered the first rule of thumb which was to become one with your tarot cards. If you haven’t already read through it, it couldn’t hurt.

The second rule of thumb to reading tarot cards is developing the proper way of asking your questions.

That may seem obvious to some people and to others it may seem pointless, a question is a question, right? Not quite so regarding the tarot. The tarot’s answer will only be as clear as the question you present to it. If you are not clearly focused on the problem at hand or if you are thinking about multiple variables to a situation, the cards will reflect that.

Before setting down to actually do a tarot spread, it’s good to take a deep breath and clear your mind. Some readers actually take 15 minutes beforehand to meditate and allow the stresses which may surround them to fall into the background.

If you’re just starting to read the tarot cards, it’s a good idea to have a pen and paper handy with you before you read. Think about what you’d like to have answered, right down everything that comes to your mind. Then read over what you’ve written and whittle it down. Keep narrowing all the fluff you’ve written to get straight to the true question. You’ll be glad you did when the answers shown through the cards don’t seem so confusing ;).

If you feel too emotionally attached to a specific subject, the cards can and will pick up on it. This can be good and it can be bad. It’s good that you have such a strong connection with your cards, however, it’s bad because your mental state (or psychic energy) can actually influence the way the cards fall – and that would provide a skewed reading.

In a situation such as that one, it’s a good idea to allow someone whom you trust to read the cards for you. If having someone else read the cards for you is simply out of the question, remember to relax yourself. Don’t read the cards until you feel comfortable enough to accept what the answer may be – whether or not it’s something you want to hear.

Life Got In The Way

First and foremost, I must apologize to my readers. It seems like life has gotten in the way of my updating the website.

I haven’t forgotten about daily tarot and I definitely want to keep it a daily gig, which is why I need to find a healthy compromise while I get some work done. I have taken on three new clients this month carrying over into next month, so my time will be very limited.

But since I do want to keep daily tarot, well, daily – I’ve decided that instead of putting my daily tarot card and a brief excerpt of its meaning to me each day (at least for a little while), I will compensate with a tarot tidbit instead. I will also start implementing my tarot deck reviews. A small note about the reviews, they will be personal based on my own experience with the cards. I currently have about 13 decks, but since I love tarot, you can be sure I’ll add more to the list.

I would still like to get the tarot game started and I appreciate all those who showed interest in participating, so definitely keep your eyes peeled for that. If I become too busy, I will ask one of my friends to help me manage and update this site so it won’t go to the way side completely :).

That’s the general tarot update and I appreciate your patience as I work the kinks out of this new blog…

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