Life Got In The Way

First and foremost, I must apologize to my readers. It seems like life has gotten in the way of my updating the website.

I haven’t forgotten about daily tarot and I definitely want to keep it a daily gig, which is why I need to find a healthy compromise while I get some work done. I have taken on three new clients this month carrying over into next month, so my time will be very limited.

But since I do want to keep daily tarot, well, daily – I’ve decided that instead of putting my daily tarot card and a brief excerpt of its meaning to me each day (at least for a little while), I will compensate with a tarot tidbit instead. I will also start implementing my tarot deck reviews. A small note about the reviews, they will be personal based on my own experience with the cards. I currently have about 13 decks, but since I love tarot, you can be sure I’ll add more to the list.

I would still like to get the tarot game started and I appreciate all those who showed interest in participating, so definitely keep your eyes peeled for that. If I become too busy, I will ask one of my friends to help me manage and update this site so it won’t go to the way side completely :).

That’s the general tarot update and I appreciate your patience as I work the kinks out of this new blog…

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