Daily Tarot Renewed

When I made the announcement that Daily Tarot would be making a comeback, obviously my realistic time line was off by more than a few months. However, the announcement wasn’t entirely inaccurate. Keep reading »

In Love With The Love Spell Cards

While nursing a broken heart a few years ago, I found myself alone on Valentine’s day wandering through a Target store looking for something to take my mind off my immediate situation.

As if it were destiny knocking on my door I saw the Love Spell Cards by Gillian Kemp randomly sitting on a shelf. It appeared to be the last one left. I actually walked through the various aisles to see where they had come from and not a single copy could be found. So, with the last remaining set in hand, I made my way through the check out and went home. Keep reading »

How Do You Cleanse Your Tarot Cards

Question: How do you cleanse your tarot cards?

Answer: As I’ve previously discussed, I would highly recommend not cleansing a tarot deck that is used strictly for your personal readings because the cards will be imbued with your energy and mold to you and your circumstances. Keep reading »

Do You Have To Cleanse Your Tarot Cards On A Regular Basis?

Question: Do you have to cleanse your tarot cards on a regular basis?

Answer: It depends on who is using the card and the purpose for which you’re using your tarot cards. Tarot cards can be used for more than just doing simple readings. Tarot cards are used in magickal rituals, to give readings for friends (or even enemies), and for personal readings. Keep reading »

How Long Does It Take To Learn Tarot?

Question: How long does it take to learn the tarot?

Answer: This depends on the individual. I’ve seen readers take to the tarot immediately and others will take a few years to get in sync with the tarot.

As I’ve mentioned some times before, the tarot is a tool and if you don’t clearly understand what is being told to you through the individual cards, your message will be clouded and it will seem like “the cards aren’t working” when in fact, they are. Keep reading »

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