How Do You Cleanse Your Tarot Cards

Question: How do you cleanse your tarot cards?

Answer: As I’ve previously discussed, I would highly recommend not cleansing a tarot deck that is used strictly for your personal readings because the cards will be imbued with your energy and mold to you and your circumstances.

But there are times when you will need to cleanse your tarot deck and there are a few methods I prefer:

  • using coarse sea salt
  • using a quartz crystal
  • burning sage (also known as smudging)

There are a number of other ways to cleanse a tarot deck to include sprinkling with pure water, leaving your deck under a sunny area (in a sacred and trusted place of course), leaving your deck in the moonlight (again, in a sacred and trusted place), or simply saying a prayer over them.

The reason I choose to use salt, quartz, and smudging is because of the results I obtain from it.

Test the different methods of cleansing your tarot deck to find the one that suits you best really listen to the cards once they have been cleansed. If any negative energy remains, they will tell you and it means you need to cleanse them again or find another method.

I receive a number of tarot related questions, so I have decided to dedicate a section of Daily Tarot to answer them. If you have a tarot related question, please do not hesitate to ask.

5 Comments on How Do You Cleanse Your Tarot Cards

  1. Rasamic Says:

    the help you have given me to cleans my tarot deck has been most helpful thankyou for having this site blessed be my friend

  2. charlena Says:

    I have a deck of tarot cards that i have had for several years. I have only used them to do my personal readings and occasional family member. They were very accurate. Me and my husband moved into our new home( newly built) and the cards have not been the same. they will not give me a reading they seem to get agrivated with me, so i have put them into a suit case until i can either cleanse them or find out what happened.

    Please help, I donot want to get rid of them but if I have to I will.


  3. Terri Says:

    I have a couple a question actually. I have recently become interested in Tarot Cards and i only have a cheap deck because thats all i can afford does this matter? Also is it ok if i don’t cleanse my deck because one i don’t know where to buy those things and i am very forgetful and won’t remember anyways.

  4. Tarot Princess Says:

    @charlena: You need to actually try cleansing your card. The change of the energy surrounding the cards is likely what affected them. Along with cleansing your cards, I’d also recommend taking the time to cleanse your new dwelling, too.

    @Terri: No the price paid for the cards do not matter. As long as you feel comfortable with them, then that’s what works and if the cards will be used primarily for personal readings, then no you shouldn’t need to worry about cleansing the cards all that often. But should a time come when you do need to cleanse them, it’s a good idea to know where you can find the materials suggested. (Coarse salt can be picked up at your local grocery store.)

  5. sam Says:

    my mother is a wiccan and she knows how to cleanse and read tarot cards and etc. i am interested in soom of the things she does. i recently bought two decks of tarot cards. One is a rider-waite deck and the other is a deck with different goddesses in it. i would like to cleanse these decks and i have asked my mother how to do it, but she keeps telling me to give them to her so she can cleanse them. i would like to cleanse them myself so that my energy and soul is put into them. i would like an easy way to cleanse them, nothing complicated. would i just be able to cleanse them with salt and or salt water while saying a prayer or something like that?

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