Drawing On The Wisdom of The Love Cards

I was prompted yesterday to use the love cards for a couple (well, a friend who recently entered a new relationship).

I have to admit I was glad to do it because I was curious myself to see where the relationship was heading since he was hesitant of the relationship.

For the reading, I drew a total of 3 cards (each drawn and interpreted individually): the relationship overall; the relationship in 6 months; and what is truly in his heart. After each card was drawn and interpreted, it was then returned to the deck and the deck re-shuffled for the next portion of the reading.

The first card was the relationship overall: Venus. This immediately told me that their relationship was one based on sustainable love and bliss.

The second card was the relationship in 6 months: King of True Love. This card told me he would grow and learn the meaning of being a true lover and not just a play boy.

The final card was what was truly in his heart: Venus (yes, again). This is a very good sign having the Venus card appear twice within a reading. True love resides in his heart and that will help the relationship grow.

I certainly was happy over the news and it gave me a new perspective on my own love life. I may just lay the cards down for myself and see what shows up ;).

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