Reading Tarot on a Rainy Night

There are so many wonderful things to do on a stormy evening to include reading tarot cards. It may seem slightly odd, but the rain pattering against the window can actually set a beautiful mood.

Imagine that the water flowing from the heavens is actually washing the negativity and distractions from your mind. It will then begin to open you up for receiving messages delivered by each individual card.

As you may have guessed, it’s currently raining where I am right now and it’s put me in the mood to read some tarot cards. Dimming the lights in the house, lighting a few candles to aid in my focus, and turning on some software music without words, sets the perfect mood. Now I’m excited!

Since it’s getting fairly late and I want to get in a quick reading before it’s time to call it an evening, I’ll wrap up this little update, but I’ll be sure to reveal my reading in a future post.

2 Comments on Reading Tarot on a Rainy Night

  1. Amanda Says:

    What would be really cool is if you could do readings on, and then post your interpretation here along with the ‘reading code’. That way we could all go and look at the spread you created while we read your interpretation.

    As far as I know, nobody does this yet — and it would be really cool to be able to see the whole spread ourselves and then see how you interpret it.

    ‘Just thinkin’ outloud!


  2. Sinrg Says:

    Very inspiring! Thank you for sharing and keep up da real stuff.

    Kind regards, peace and light,

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