Nigel Jackson Tarot: Queen of Staves

I got a bit of a late start today although I’ve been awake since early this morning. Much has already happened in my day so far, and I will take that into account when updating this evening. The first thing I noticed when doing this daily tarot was that another Staves card came into play [...]

Looking Back at Nigel Jackson Tarot: Ten of Staves

Well, my day is winding down to a close. I am updating a little early as I don’t plan to go to bed for another couple hours, and as I’m sure you already know, alot can happy in a couple hours. However, I feel secure in updating the blog as I’ve already had an eventful [...]

Nigel Jackson Tarot: Ten of Staves

The thing I notice between the many decks that I have are their use of names. Some use the elements, some say staves, some say clubs, some don’t even use clear divisions at all! Well, this card would be the equivalent of ten of clubs in other decks and some would say ten of fire [...]

Daily Tarot: New Layout

Daily Tarot has received a makeover. Granted, it’s only a few days old, but it’s always good to have its own unique look. I decided on the color blue instead of purple because I like the calming effect that it has and there aren’t that many frills – yet – I want to keep this [...]

Looking Back at Nigel Jackson Tarot: The Hanged Man

This is the update post for Nigel Jackson Tarot: The Hanged Man My initial interpretation of this daily card: This card signifies that I will have an almost complacent day. My worries will be limited, even if I hang in the midst of danger. I look closely at the illustration of the card and listen [...]

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