Nigel Jackson Tarot: Ten of Staves

The thing I notice between the many decks that I have are their use of names. Some use the elements, some say staves, some say clubs, some don’t even use clear divisions at all!

Well, this card would be the equivalent of ten of clubs in other decks and some would say ten of fire – however, I do not. I equate the staves/clubs with the air element because air is the realm of thought and ideas, whereas swords signifies activity and movement such as in battle (fire). The key, for any reader, is to go with what is best for them. If a deck bothers you because of its imagery or you cannot get in synch with the illustrations – change decks :).

I’d love to hear your take on which element you attribute to the stave/clubs and why – don’t be shy, feel free to leave a comment. Now on to the daily tarot card!

The Nigel Jackson Tarot
Tarot Deck used: Nigel Jackson Tarot

Daily Tarot Card: Ten of Staves (clubs)

My interpretation of this daily card:
Any time I see a ten card, I know that a cycle is coming to an end and a new one will be ready to begin on its heels. Ten is the last card in an arcana, whereas 1 (or ace) is the first or beginning. I notice the imagery in the card which indicates the sun is just setting (or rising) but in my case for the daily tarot, it’s just setting so I know that more activity will occur later in the day for me, sometime in the evening around sunset. The items in the man’s hand tells me a couple things. The burning of the book and the vivid display of fire signifies rebellion or a desire to go against what is written and the the stature of the man indicates this will be a successful rebellion. However, the people who are hanging their heads, either in worship or fear, seem to pose a problem. I could easily lead them astray, by force or by knowledge, so I need to pay close attention to my actions, my words, and my deeds because it is highly influential.

Overall, I see that today, a rebellion (on my part) may occur and an end will be put to any oppressions that I feel with regards to an idea or dream that I am having. I however, need to be careful, as my opinion weighs a lot more than I give it credit for and I will border on being a tyrant. There is nothing too distressing about this card and the man’s facial expressions do not seem pained in anyway, so I should not need to worry about much opposition.

Interpretation from the book:
Sure success; triumphant consolidation; danger of established power becoming oppressive.

That’s it for today, don’t forget to check back later or tomorrow for the update on the daily tarot card and how it manifested itself in my day and what lessons I learned from it.

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