Looking Back at Nigel Jackson Tarot: Ten of Staves

Well, my day is winding down to a close. I am updating a little early as I don’t plan to go to bed for another couple hours, and as I’m sure you already know, alot can happy in a couple hours. However, I feel secure in updating the blog as I’ve already had an eventful day indeed.

This will be the update to today’s card Nigel Jackson Tarot: Ten of Staves with an initial interpretation of:

Overall, I see that today, a rebellion (on my part) may occur and an end will be put to any oppressions that I feel with regards to an idea or dream that I am having. I however, need to be careful, as my opinion weighs a lot more than I give it credit for and I will border on being a tyrant. There is nothing too distressing about this card and the man’s facial expressions do not seem pained in anyway, so I should not need to worry about much opposition.

I was very curious to see how this particular card would play out in my day as I didn’t think there would be too much going on, however, hindsight is 20/20. Today, I had a client of mine ring in to see how my new year was and to discuss some other important matters. As the conversation carried on, I did feel a bit of swell in my chest to go against everything she was asking me to do. I lunged at the opportunity to offer my 2 bits and lay some ground rules before her demands got out of hand.

It was refreshing, but it also gave me a moment to look at and realize that this lady truly took what I said to heart. Any recommendations or changes I suggested, it suddenly became written law in her book so I realized I definitely needed to watch what I said to her – at least at this point and time. I will not lie and say it wasn’t exciting to have that much sway with someone, but I definitely saw how it could have been easily misused.

Also, today I decided to give my sister a ring to wish her well. Unfortunately, I did not heed the card’s warning as our conversation dwindled on and I got the distinct inpression that I had beome a bit of a tyrant with my time and patience. Although I made generalizations about what people did that “pissed me off”, much of the things mentioned were things that she did to me as well. I know to her I seemed quite heavy handed (which reminded me of the chain whip the gentleman in the card was holding) – and that leads to the comment that hindsight is 20/20. Because of this, I will be doing sisterly damage control.

That’s it for today, I welcome comments and questions, so don’t be shy in leaving them! Have a wonderful evening and you can expect another daily tarot tomorrow!

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