Nigel Jackson Tarot: Queen of Staves

I got a bit of a late start today although I’ve been awake since early this morning. Much has already happened in my day so far, and I will take that into account when updating this evening.

The first thing I noticed when doing this daily tarot was that another Staves card came into play so I’m definitely excited to seem where it is leading. I can vouch for this certainly being a creative and intellectual timeframe for me – which is simply what I interpret the suit of staves to be. I’d love to hear any input on what the staves suit means to others and how they interpret them.

So, let’s continue one with today’s card
Tarot Deck: Nigel Jackson Tarot
The Nigel Jackson Tarot

Daily Card: Queen of Staves

My personal interpretation of this card:
As I mentioned earlier, this is another staves card. I equate it with the wind element and I also equate it with the realm of thought and the mind. The figure of the queen is very dignified and pleasant. Overall, I see that this day is going to shape up into a good one filled with opportunity. The birds flying in the background shows me that my mind will be somewhat busy as well and overflowing with thoughts – moreso than usual. The red cape she’s wearing definitely tells me there will be some action, which is good – what is thought without action? Her golden dress and the arrow with the tip pointing in the air gives me the feeling of favorable outcomes and “going in the right direction” (up).

This card gives me the feeling of reassurance. Whatever ideas that I turn into new projects or new clients will definitely have a favorable effect/impact on my life today. The fact that it is a court card signifies that there may be an outside influence (possibly female) which also helps provide me with much needed reassurance and guidance.

Interpretation from the book:
A generous efficient woman; independent; friendly, successful new project.

Thanks for reading, and don’t forget to check back for the update!

One Comment on Nigel Jackson Tarot: Queen of Staves

  1. Geneva Says:

    I think you have a very great idea for a blog. It’s interesting to see how others interpret their cards and look at how they affect their lives.

    Definitely will be a confidence booster to see that there are others out there who trust their intuition. Can’t wait to see how this turns out for you.

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