Looking Back at Nigel Jackson Tarot: The Hanged Man

This is the update post for Nigel Jackson Tarot: The Hanged Man

My initial interpretation of this daily card:
This card signifies that I will have an almost complacent day. My worries will be limited, even if I hang in the midst of danger. I look closely at the illustration of the card and listen to what it tells me. The path that is directly behind the tree from the which the man is hanging tells me that this was a journey which lead to the current position. The path also tells me that I am not trapped by any means by the situation. The coins falling from his pockets may even suggest that I may not be aware of what is truly going on around me or that I may miss an opportunity some time today – however, it will not cause me a large amount of stress and I should not worry myself about it.

I find that I need to remain aware of my surroundings at all times today in order not to miss any opportunities which may come my way. Also, I need to allow things to flow naturally as they will – I will learn more that way than by trying to fight whatever distressing situations may arise.

How this card applied to my day:
A complacent day indeed. As I continued through my day, I literally didn’t want to do much of anything and it did not bother me in the least. But about a few hours after posting I received a call from a potential client. I initially wanted to postpone the conversation with him for another day, but I remember to watch for opportunities because I could easily let them slip by me, so I heard him out and I’m quite glad that I did.

It turns out that later in the day – the sure client I had wrote me an email to cancel. This, oddly enough (or maybe not), did not phase me in the least. Her cancellation made me realize that I had far more on my plate than I realized and it was causing a lot of unnecessary stress (much of which I did not realize). I had an odd eery feeling that things would work out for the best regardless.

In summary, yes, an opportunity nearly slipped away from me, but luckily I paid attention and I have a new client to show for it where one used to be. I had a big epiphany also. Sometimes we need to slow down and allow ourselves to take an inventory of the commitments we have in our lives and how those commitments may be affecting us. In my current situation, I have far too many commitments to myself and others to comfortably handle and as a result I’ve become quite snippy and short. This is a position I lead myself into and it’s also a situation that I can lead myself out of. Although I have a new client to replace my old one and my plate is still just as full – I have an established flow with this client already that I did not have with my previous client and it also comes with an extended deadline so I can space my time out accordingly.

All in all, I did learn quite a lot from today and I’m glad I had Nigel Jackson’s Hanged Man for some guidance.

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