Daily Tarot Project Is Starting Sunday

After putting much thought into this and wondering how else I can incorporate you into the daily tarot, I’ve come up with a daily tarot project. It will be weekly (so I should probably call it the weekly tarot project) and I will draw a tarot card and let you interpret it and see how [...]

Daily Tarot Experiment – Need Volunteers

I want to expand daily tarot to include my readership as well, so I am conducting an experiment and would love to have some assistance. I want to provide a daily tarot card for you. The only thing I’d ask in return is that you leave a brief comment on how you believe this tarot [...]

Technical Difficulties

**UPDATE** It seems that for some odd reason wordpress didn’t like the word curl. I figured this out when I tried reinstalling wordpress and that did not seem to solve the problem. Then I noticed it would let me post test entries, however, refused to post this one post in particular, so I went line [...]

Daily Tarot Delayed!

If you’ve been following along with my blog, you’ll notice that I post every day (or have since it’s been online) – however, you’ll notice I didn’t update the Robin Wood Sun last night and I didn’t add a daily tarot card today. How come? Short answer: I was running short on time. Last night [...]

Is Anyone Else Participating In Daily Tarot?

I know that the website Daily Tarot has only been online for a short while, and the goal is to inspire others to learn tarot as well by seeing it first hand. I’d love to know if you are participating in the daily tarot and the methods you use. What tarot deck do you find [...]

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