Is Anyone Else Participating In Daily Tarot?

I know that the website Daily Tarot has only been online for a short while, and the goal is to inspire others to learn tarot as well by seeing it first hand. I’d love to know if you are participating in the daily tarot and the methods you use. What tarot deck do you find yourself using the most and why.

Have you had any epiphanies while using the tarot and if instead of doing a single card daily, do you use a spread? If so, which one? I’d certainly love to learn more about you!

2 Comments on Is Anyone Else Participating In Daily Tarot?

  1. Daniel Barkowitz Says:

    Surfed in from BE. Love your site, and will come back to visit! I teach a Tarot class at MIT during our intercession (web link for class is )

    Will keep on visiting!!

  2. Tarot Princess Says:

    That is amazing! I had no idea that MIT had a tarot class, and thanks for the link Daniel – very enlightening indeed.

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