Introducing Daily Tarotscopes

I know you’re probably asking “what is a tarotscope?” I’ve decided to start providing daily horoscopes based on the tarot and your astrological signs. Each day, I will draw a card for each sign of the zodiac with a brief explanation of the card’s meaning and what to expect for the day. I won’t need [...]

More Changes To Daily Tarot

The site went down for a few minutes while it was upgraded to WordPress 1.5 and some new features have been installed and I apologize for any inconvenience. In a few moments, you may notice a subscribe box so you’ll be able to receive Daily Tarot updates straight to your inbox. In addition to the [...]

And It’s Official

Daily Tarot has received a make over. I decided the old layout for Daily Tarot seemed a little too cramped and dark and that certainly was not the tone I was going for when I launched this website. I changed the color scheme to something more “sunny” and natural. I know it may seem like [...]

A New Direction For Daily Tarot

I know it’s been well over a long time since I post, but that’s because I’ve had some plans brewing for the daily tarot blog. Originally, this is a place for me to practice tarot upon myself and allow the teachings and lessons to be learned “out in the open” as well as create a [...]

Life Got In The Way

First and foremost, I must apologize to my readers. It seems like life has gotten in the way of my updating the website. I haven’t forgotten about daily tarot and I definitely want to keep it a daily gig, which is why I need to find a healthy compromise while I get some work done. [...]

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