And It’s Official

Daily Tarot has received a make over. I decided the old layout for Daily Tarot seemed a little too cramped and dark and that certainly was not the tone I was going for when I launched this website.

I changed the color scheme to something more “sunny” and natural. I know it may seem like it doesn’t have it’s “tarot edge” because I took out the image of tarot cards and I know some people really loved the last layout, but I have just one thing to say – this layout really isn’t done yet.

What I have already done (added):

  • The layout is now fluid – so it will fit better on different sceen sizes
  • I’ve added subscribe to comments so you can get an email when a comment is added after yours
  • I’ve added a live comment preview so you can see your comment as you type it
  • I’ve removed the Google search and reverted back to the one which comes with WordPress – now it searchs *all* of Daily Tarot, and not just what’s indexed in Google

I will be adding nuances to the site’s design over the next few months until it’s at a place that I feel comfortable with. For right now, since the major design overhaul is complete, I want to focus on getting the educational section set up.

so on the current to do list:

  • Add a section for card meanings (in general)
  • Add a section for tarot card spreads
  • Add a section for tarot deck reviews (I have quite a few to begin with)

I plan to start with the card meanings and I also want to offer my own opinions/views on learning to read tarot for oneself. I may also bring in another blogger as well to help out with the site’s educational content. It would be a surprise, but it would definitely be a lady who knows her stuff and has very keen intuition!

I’d love to hear what your thoughts on the new layout and what you feel I can add (or take away) from the site to help improve it. Please don’t be shy, leave comment on the post or feel free to use the contact form!

2 Comments on And It’s Official

  1. Judy Seeley Says:

    I haven’t been coming to your site too long, but I think it looks terrific!

    My name is Judy and I’ve been studying tarot for a few years and am just starting to do readings for people other than my friends. I always appreciate new information and discussions. Thanks.

  2. Tarot Princess Says:

    Thanks for the kind words Judy. Hopefully I can turn this website into a great online resource for the tarot. If there’s anything you’d like to see here, don’t hesitate to mention it and I’ll see what I can do!

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