Daily Tarot Experiment – Need Volunteers

I want to expand daily tarot to include my readership as well, so I am conducting an experiment and would love to have some assistance. I want to provide a daily tarot card for you.

The only thing I’d ask in return is that you leave a brief comment on how you believe this tarot card applies to your day and what your interpretation of the card is. I plan to post an image of the card so you can see the details for your own interpretation.

Then at the end of the day, report back here with your results and how you feel that the card affected your day. I would like to make this a weekly game and I’d choose a participant from the day before (I’ll send an email letting you know you’ve been chosen, so your real email is required).

How does that sound? Would you be willing to participate in the weekly tarot game? If you’re interested, take a moment to contact me or leave a comment.

4 Comments on Daily Tarot Experiment – Need Volunteers

  1. Yvon Says:

    I would be very willing to be in your test group. I am a believer in Tarot cards, so please let me know when this will start… Yvon

  2. Tarot Princess Says:

    Thanks for responding Yvon (and the others who contacted me).

    I will be selecting a participant this evening for their daily card tomorrow and will ask that the person chosen swing by the blog and update us on their thoughts about the card and their initial impression.

  3. Benneice Says:

    Im very excited about your experiment I am very much a believer in tarot.i would love to be selected

  4. Tarot Princess Says:

    Hello Benniece,
    Thanks for visiting my blog and hopefully I will be able to get everything organized around here very soon so I can go ahead and start the tarot experiment :).

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