Daily Tarot Delayed!

If you’ve been following along with my blog, you’ll notice that I post every day (or have since it’s been online) – however, you’ll notice I didn’t update the Robin Wood Sun last night and I didn’t add a daily tarot card today. How come?

Short answer: I was running short on time.

Last night I got to bed somewhere in the wee hours after finishing a couple projects and this morning I woke up to quite a busy day indeed. I did do a daily tarot card :) and will most certainly post on it later.

What’s in store for this evening:
- An update on Robin Wood’s Sun card and how it applied to my day (Friday) Done
- Today’s daily tarot card/synopsis (in the same post) Done
- A review of one of my favorite tarot decks (that’ll be a surprise)

I continue to work on getting this blog whipped into shape and some of the things I’d like to get online are:

- The archive pages, right now, they will become quite long with possibly 60 posts per month. I want to find a way to shorten them and allow people to quickly scan the titles to see if there are any cards or topics that jump out at them to read Done

- I want, of course, to get the About section up and running so people can see an overview of what this blog is about and what I hope to accomplish with it

- I would like to include a small thumbnail picture of the card I’m speaking about. I figure it would help others who may not have the deck to understand where I get my interpretations from.

- I also want to get the link section up and running because I’ve found a lot of wonderful tarot resources over the years and would love to share them. That is not on the priority list, but I assure you, it will get done. If you know of a wonderful, insightful, or just plain interesting tarot resource, please feel free to post the link in the comments section.ything else that you see that can be done to this blog to make it an even better tarot resource, I’m all ears. Commenting and speaking your mind is welcome (as long as it remains on point and respectful).

That’s all for now – see you this evening!

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