Looking back at Celtic Dragon Tarot: Queen of Cups

After my day wound down, I found that I was a lot more tired than I gave myself credit for.

I know this update is a bit delayed – it seems that life has caught up to me a little bit! But I haven’t forgotten about the blog and the updates, which is why I’m hear to update on my last card, the Celtic Dragon Tarot: Queen of Cups with an interpretation of:

This day is best spent working on my spiritual and emotional goals.

This card couldn’t have been more right. As the day wore on, I really couldn’t find myself focusing on anything tangible and I kept wanting to work on the more spiritual aspects of my life. I ended up spending the day organizing my tarot decks. Writing down some of my interpretations of each of the cards for a compilation (which I will begin adding to the blog very soon) and doing various tarot spreads.

I learned a lot and was able to put my life into perspective even more. The day was truly a very blessed day indeed.

Celtic Dragon Tarot: Queen of Cups

I’m using a new deck this morning. It’s a deck that I haven’t used in quite a while or very frequently. This deck is truly one of the most beautiful decks that I own and I usually leave it in its original box for decoration and special occasions only.

Today, I felt inspired to use it and actually gaze upon it’s beauty for my daily tarot card. I also find this deck to be surprisingly insightful and will definitely write a review for it later on. Okay, let’s get to the daily tarot card.

The Celtic Dragon Tarot
Tarot Deck: The Celtic Dragon Tarot

Daily Tarot Card: Queen of Cups

My personal interpretation:
This card is a very relaxing, stunning, and beautiful card. There is a woman filled with much confidence sitting on a thrown with the tiniest smile on her lips and this tells me that today will be an emotional day indeed. Subtle emotion however. And today will also be a very intuitive day for me. If I had to abide by one rule of thumb, it would definitely be – trust the gut. This day is best spent working on my spiritual and emotional goals.

Interpretation from the book:
This card indicates a feminine influence with a strong and loving protecting nature. This will be a time of quiet contentment with life. A period of strong psychic feelings makes you more aware of spiritual goals.

I’ll most certainly try to update before heading off to bed this evening, and by the looks of this card, I should be able to.

As always, your comments, interpretations, and questions are always welcomed!

Technical Difficulties

It seems that for some odd reason wordpress didn’t like the word curl. I figured this out when I tried reinstalling wordpress and that did not seem to solve the problem. Then I noticed it would let me post test entries, however, refused to post this one post in particular, so I went line by line through the post and realized it would not let me post the word curl – at least not in that post because it posts it here with no problems. Very odd.

I’ve been trying to post to my blog since this morning. For whatever reason, my wordpress doesn’t like the entry or possibly tarot card I’ve selected for today and I keep receiving a 403 Forbidden error when I try to go ahead and post the entry.

I will continue to work on this and hopefully be able to continue with my daily tarots in the coming days. Just wanted to say that I have not forgotten about the daily tarot!

Looking Back at Nigel Jackson Tarot: Queen of Swords

It’s been a turbulent few days. So much so that I didn’t update on my daily tarot before going to bed a couple days ago. But I am updating now. This post is in reference to Nigel Jackson Tarot : Queen of Swords with an initial interpretation of:

…the card shows me that there may be a period of time today when it seems that things are not going my way, however, I still need to work through it to see the end results clearly. There will also be some level of isolation as well. Near the end of the day, I would expect to see some rewards for my efforts in the day.

After my day was finished, I really had to take a good look back over it. From the moment I woke up in the morning, I had work to do. I didn’t feel quite like myself all day long and work actually felt like work. Surprisingly enough, I did not receive any phone calls from friends, family, or clients on Monday which is quite odd, but I thought back to the Queen of Swords and realized that yes, indeed this would seem like a day of isolation. I then asked myself how I could best benefit from this day and asked what insight the card provided me with that I could use to my advantage.

To put it plainly, I simply finished my work somewhat laboriously. I realized that my goals and focus should be on finishing my own work and to take a spiritual inventory of myself. I needed the time alone to think about the direction my life was heading in. I also needed the time alone to remind myself that I am a pretty cool person (c’mon, if I don’t even like hanging out with myself, how can I expect anyone else to).

At the end of my day, I was better able to relax. I popped in a movie, made myself some popcorn, and made it a blockbuster night. And best of all, I was able to get some sleep. A full night’s worth and something I had not been able to do for the entire week prior!

Nigel Jackson Tarot: Queen of Swords

Yesterday was a very relaxing day for me :). I actually went on a day trip so was not home to do my daily tarot card on the blog, but suffice it to say that it was a much needed getaway from my previously busy week. And from the looks of today’s card, I’m in for another busy week (or day at least).

Tarot Deck: Nigel Jackson Tarot
Tarot Card: Queen of Swords

My personal interpretation:
This card definitely tells me that there will be much activity within today and much work needing to get done. While I would like to believe that I am the Queen, my intuition tells me that I am not. There will be another women who plays a part in my day as well. She seems like she would be stern and almost hard-nosed, but I cannot say she’s wicked or anything like that. If anything, I need some discipline and she will assist me in obtaining it. She may even become my protector in some sense.

Also, the card shows me that there may be a period of time today when it seems that things are not going my way, however, I still need to work through it to see the end results clearly. There will also be some level of isolation as well. Near the end of the day, I would expect to see some rewards for my efforts in the day.

Interpretation from the book:
A widow; sadness; spiritual struggle over material odds; meticulousness.

My personal interpretation actually varies a bit from what the book says, but one thing I’ve learned with the tarot, go with your own intuition, even if it’s not the same as what’s in the book. Once you trust what your body and spirit is telling you through the card, you’ll find you no longer need to use the book. Base you reading on how the card feels to you, and what the card tells you through its imagery. Think of the book as a loose guideline :).

I’ll update you this evening when it’s time for me to get ready for bed so you can see how this card played out in my life today!

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