Celtic Dragon Tarot: Queen of Cups

I’m using a new deck this morning. It’s a deck that I haven’t used in quite a while or very frequently. This deck is truly one of the most beautiful decks that I own and I usually leave it in its original box for decoration and special occasions only.

Today, I felt inspired to use it and actually gaze upon it’s beauty for my daily tarot card. I also find this deck to be surprisingly insightful and will definitely write a review for it later on. Okay, let’s get to the daily tarot card.

The Celtic Dragon Tarot
Tarot Deck: The Celtic Dragon Tarot

Daily Tarot Card: Queen of Cups

My personal interpretation:
This card is a very relaxing, stunning, and beautiful card. There is a woman filled with much confidence sitting on a thrown with the tiniest smile on her lips and this tells me that today will be an emotional day indeed. Subtle emotion however. And today will also be a very intuitive day for me. If I had to abide by one rule of thumb, it would definitely be – trust the gut. This day is best spent working on my spiritual and emotional goals.

Interpretation from the book:
This card indicates a feminine influence with a strong and loving protecting nature. This will be a time of quiet contentment with life. A period of strong psychic feelings makes you more aware of spiritual goals.

I’ll most certainly try to update before heading off to bed this evening, and by the looks of this card, I should be able to.

As always, your comments, interpretations, and questions are always welcomed!

2 Comments on Celtic Dragon Tarot: Queen of Cups

  1. Yvon Says:

    How odd….when I have had my cards read…they have always picked the Queen of Cups to represent ME…

  2. Tarot Princess Says:

    Well, I wouldn’t say it’s odd really Yvon.

    It could be a for a couple different reasons. It may be that you fall under a water sign, or it could be your reader picked up on your personal vibe and found it to be very in tune with the Queen of Cups. It’s a wonderful card indeed…

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