Looking back at Celtic Dragon Tarot: Queen of Cups

After my day wound down, I found that I was a lot more tired than I gave myself credit for.

I know this update is a bit delayed – it seems that life has caught up to me a little bit! But I haven’t forgotten about the blog and the updates, which is why I’m hear to update on my last card, the Celtic Dragon Tarot: Queen of Cups with an interpretation of:

This day is best spent working on my spiritual and emotional goals.

This card couldn’t have been more right. As the day wore on, I really couldn’t find myself focusing on anything tangible and I kept wanting to work on the more spiritual aspects of my life. I ended up spending the day organizing my tarot decks. Writing down some of my interpretations of each of the cards for a compilation (which I will begin adding to the blog very soon) and doing various tarot spreads.

I learned a lot and was able to put my life into perspective even more. The day was truly a very blessed day indeed.

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