My Deepest Apologies

I wanted to take a moment and write you to let you know Daily Tarot has not been forgotten about.

I am currently working through some issues in my personal life and I will be updating Daily Tarot again very soon.

I really appreciate your input, advice, and dedication to Daily Tarot and I hope to continue moving forward with the website.

Coming up:
- Finish the “Tarot How To” guide which will include tarot spreads and interpreting the cards.
- Interpretations for each of the cards
- Special guest bloggers

If you have any suggestions on how to make Daily Tarot better, or if there’s anything you’d like to see on the site – do not hesitate to contact me.

Thank you,
Tarot Princess

How To Read Tarot Cards: Getting Started

I’ve already written the first and second rules of thumb concerning how to read tarot, so it may be a good idea to read them over if you already haven’t.

When I set out to learn the tarot, I didn’t have the guidance or instruction of anyone else. I only had a brand new deck of cards (which happened to be the mystic tarot) and the book that came with it.

I opened the book and looked at the cards. I thought they were gorgeous and just simplistic enough to suit my tastes, but I had problems with the interpretations offered in the book. They didn’t seem to coincide with what I saw in the cards. Keep reading »

How To Read Tarot Cards: Second Rule of Thumb

In the first installment of the How to Read Tarot Cards collection, I briefly covered the first rule of thumb which was to become one with your tarot cards. If you haven’t already read through it, it couldn’t hurt.

The second rule of thumb to reading tarot cards is developing the proper way of asking your questions.

That may seem obvious to some people and to others it may seem pointless, a question is a question, right? Not quite so regarding the tarot. The tarot’s answer will only be as clear as the question you present to it. If you are not clearly focused on the problem at hand or if you are thinking about multiple variables to a situation, the cards will reflect that.

Before setting down to actually do a tarot spread, it’s good to take a deep breath and clear your mind. Some readers actually take 15 minutes beforehand to meditate and allow the stresses which may surround them to fall into the background.

If you’re just starting to read the tarot cards, it’s a good idea to have a pen and paper handy with you before you read. Think about what you’d like to have answered, right down everything that comes to your mind. Then read over what you’ve written and whittle it down. Keep narrowing all the fluff you’ve written to get straight to the true question. You’ll be glad you did when the answers shown through the cards don’t seem so confusing ;).

If you feel too emotionally attached to a specific subject, the cards can and will pick up on it. This can be good and it can be bad. It’s good that you have such a strong connection with your cards, however, it’s bad because your mental state (or psychic energy) can actually influence the way the cards fall – and that would provide a skewed reading.

In a situation such as that one, it’s a good idea to allow someone whom you trust to read the cards for you. If having someone else read the cards for you is simply out of the question, remember to relax yourself. Don’t read the cards until you feel comfortable enough to accept what the answer may be – whether or not it’s something you want to hear.

How To Read Tarot Cards: First Rule Of Thumb

The first thing I like to impart on anyone who expresses an interest in learning how to read tarot is to become one with the cards. I know that sounds like a really bad zen joke, but it’s not.

The epitome of tarot is to allow the energy that surrounds you and your situation to direct the cards in order to provide insight to help guide your way. If you’re not connected with your cards, how can the cards actually guide you?

Notice that I did not say querent or questioner. You are the one that needs to develop a connection with your cards, even when you’re reading for someone else, because the cards are guiding you to help this person. Because of this, the cards and their meanings must first make sense to you – not your querent or questioner. Keep reading »

A New Direction For Daily Tarot

I know it’s been well over a long time since I post, but that’s because I’ve had some plans brewing for the daily tarot blog. Originally, this is a place for me to practice tarot upon myself and allow the teachings and lessons to be learned “out in the open” as well as create a record for me to look back upon at a future time.

Because my life has become so busy, actually writing out my daily tarot cards along with my interpretations for myself personally has become somewhat of a luxury that I don’t have right now LOL. In light of this, I’ve decided to take the daily tarot blog in a slightly different direction.

As I mentioned in my last post, I definitely want to add some bits about tarot to the blog and not just let it lapse. So in light of all this, I intend for a couple things to happen. I want to have a new design for the site created (I know that some of you really like this design, but it’s “too heavy” and doesn’t convey the right aura to me), next I want to create a section about learning the card meanings and some spreads that I’ve personally developed over the years.

So for the next few months, I believe that I’ll be working more towards putting up the educational section of this blog and then I’ll take it from there. However, I still would love to do the weekly tarot for everyone, so that is still on the agenda – most definitely.

That’s all for now – and for those who are curious :) – my daily tarot card for today is Nigel Jackson’s Five of Cups. It seems I’m in for a bit of loss and depression today. But the wonderful thing about tarot is, nothing is written in stone. Forewarned is forearmed and realizing that this day has the potential to become a dreary day makes me realize that I need to focus, not on the negatives which may occur, but on the positives that will occur so that I will draw more positive energy to me. No crying over spilled milk for me today!

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