Nigel Jackson Tarot: The Hanged Man

I would first like to start with a quick introduction. This is the first post of the Daily Tarot blog which will detail my journey through tarot and hopefully help teach an understanding of tarot along the way. As the site’s readership continues to grow, I would love to offer the daily tarot card to others so they can participate in the journey as well.

The format of my daily tarot card interpretation may change over time as I become more accustomed to blogging and as I find a nice combination of layout with information. So far, I will begin with starting the day with a tarot card and at the end of the day I will post an update detailing how the card applied to my day or any insights that it provided me with.

I welcome your insights/interpretations and questions as well – so don’t be shy.

Let me continue with my first card of 2005 (well, for this blog anyway):
Using Nigel Jackson’s Tarot, my card is the Hanged Man (Major Arcana: XII)
The Nigel Jackson Tarot

Personal Interpretation:
I always interpret the card myself without any books or manuals because the card is essentially tuned to me and my intuition will pick up on subtle nuances in the card’s artistry and give me a more accurate for me reading.

This card signifies that I will have an almost complacent day. My worries will be limited, even if I hang in the midst of danger. I look closely at the illustration of the card and listen to what it tells me. The path that is directly behind the tree from the which the man is hanging tells me that this was a journey which lead to the current position. The path also tells me that I am not trapped by any means by the situation. The coins falling from his pockets may even suggest that I may not be aware of what is truly going on around me or that I may miss an opportunity some time today – however, it will not cause me a large amount of stress and I should not worry myself about it.

I find that I need to remain aware of my surroundings at all times today in order not to miss any opportunities which may come my way. Also, I need to allow things to flow naturally as they will – I will learn more that way than by trying to fight whatever distressing situations may arise.

Interpretation from the book:
Trial leading to wisdom; serenity through self sacrifice; occult intuition; fluidity; reversal of attitudes and renunciation; suspension between identities or life states;

Don’t forget to check back later for an update on how this card applied to my day and what insights it was able to provide me with.

2 Comments on Nigel Jackson Tarot: The Hanged Man

  1. Becky Says:

    What a great idea for a blog! And a great way to study the Tarot!

    I typically read the books’ interpretation first, then journal about it to see what my intuition picks up. But I like the way you discribe what you see, then write about what that each thing means to you. I think I’ll try journaling that way next time. That might help me be “braver” about trusting my intuition first.

    Thanks! I just put you on my newsgroup…. can’t wait to read how this card manifested for you during the day.


  2. Tarot Princess Says:

    Hey Becky,
    Thanks for the much needed encouragement and much needed inspiration :). Believe me, intuition is the best way to go and you should remember to trust yours, that’s the most important thing in my opinion. It’s always a good idea to look at the detail in the cards because that’s where the little mysteries lie and you never know what it will spark in your third eye (stuff like, what are the people in the cards holding, doing…facial expressions, background settings, etc.).

    Again thanks for the support!

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